xenaThis is Xena. She is a rescue from Dominican Republic. She was born approximately the beginning of February 2016. She came to us late November 2016 and we never got a real answer on her breed. We sere told, “possibly chihuahua mix” lol. So here we go – Xena is quite the sassy pup. She loves to cuddle and be centre of attention. She stands about 18 inches butt to neck and her legs are about 14 inches long. Now the other dogs we were told were her siblings are easily 1.5x bigger than her – male and female. So not sure if she may have been a runt. She’s very timid with anyone who doesn’t live in our home. Not sure if that’s her true nature or due to her past before the rescue. The story we got was that she was found bagged with mamma and siblings and tossed in a river, found and brought to the rescue with eyes still closed. Honesty – no one knows the truth but our teenie weebie xeenie bo-beenie.

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