jasperJasper is around 15 weeks old and he’s growing very fast. His paws are big, so we think he’s going to be big. He has mostly brown fur with a red tint and on his back he has fur that’s black. His eyes are a hazel color and he has little white spots on the corner of his mouth that makes it look like he’s always smiling. He has a lot of energy and he’s very very playful. He gets shy when he meets new dogs or people, but once he warms up to them he plays with them all the time. He howls a lot, but also barks. Sometimes when he doesn’t get attention he slowly starts barking louder and louder starting with a small “hmph.”. He likes to chew things up and dig holes, he also fetches well. Sometimes when I play with him he’ll jump on my hands and his jump resembles a bunny hop. He also doesn’t walk straight, he kind of hops diagnally, but he runs fast. His skin can fold when you bunch it up or when he lays on something. He’s not extremely lean, but he’s not big either. I think he might have some shepherd in him because he knows his borders very well and when you walk with him he seems like he’s herding you. Please help me find his breed(s). Thank you :).

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