Flexpet Review – Side Effects? – Does It Work?

flexpet for dogsWe all wish our dogs could talk, but of course they can’t! Well some people say their dogs can talk 😉

It Is Tough When Your Dog Is In Pain!

Since your dog can’t come out and tell you they are having joint pain or other aches we have to look for signs.

Joint Pain In Dogs:

  • One of the first signs of aging that most people see in their pets is the onset of joint pain.
  • Often your dog will start to have a slight limp, or you may see them having difficulty getting up from a lying down position.
  • This is often a sign of the onset of different types of arthritis, and something that most pet owners must face at some time during their animals life.

Dog Arthritis Signs:

  • Arthritis in pets is usually joint inflammation, that is sometimes made more uncomfortable when there is stiffness, swelling and even pain in the joint area.
  • Sometimes it can be the result of an injury they suffered earlier in life, but often it is caused by a metabolic disturbance or more likely by degenerative changes in their bodies.

It can occur in a number of different ways, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.

FlexPet-bounceBreed Of Dog:

At What Breed Is It knowing our breeds is a big thing and unfortunately some breeds are more susceptible to joint pain, arthritis and other ailments.

Before you decide to bring a dog into your family you should always do your research on specific breeds and make sure you can handle any genetic issues that might come up.

Treating Dog Joint Pain & Arthritis Issues:

Well we firmly believe you always want to be proactive rather then reactive!

Having an active dog is great and be sure to keep them active, but also be sure to make sure they get rest and don’t push them too hard.

If you are a runner and decide to bring your dog make sure they get used to the routine and give adequate rest!

If you see your dog is putting on a few pounds than adjust their diet and exercise before it goes on too long.

Prescription Drugs:

Ultimately you will have to see your vet and they will give you some great options for your dog, but be aware that prescription medications can be costly and not good for your dog over long term usage.

funny-dog-meme-when-you-re-done-you-can-fill-my-bowlOur Review Of Flexpet:

Remember I mentioned being proactive instead of reactive? Well this is where a dog joint supplement like Flexpet comes in.

If there was a supplement that was all natural, had no side effects, and could help your dog stay more active and healthy… wouldn’t you want to know about it?

When I started having some knee issues I turned to a product called Flexcin which helped me tremendously. When I found out they had a product for Dogs called Flexpet I knew I could trust it.

FlexPet is created by the same manufacturer of Flexcin, a joint health all-natural supplement.

It uses the same natural ingredients consumed by humans for pets.

FlexPet is a great all natural supplement for your pet’s joint health. It utilizes the primary ingredient Cetyl Mryistoleate (CM8) which helps in lubricating the joints and muscles of the pet as well as reducing any inflammation in the body.

The rest of the ingredients in the supplement help nourishing the joints for healthy living. They also support better cartilage health, encourage more natural lubrication of the joints and supports better overall muscle health.

FlexPet meets all the standards set by the FDA and contains one of the most unique formulas for better joint health. It is available in chew-able tablet form which cats and dogs love to consume.

flexpet_pillsThe Benefits Of Flexpet

FlexPet encourages overall better health and brings about many different health benefits. Here are some of the most common benefits you can immediately gain from using the all-natural supplement:

  • Increased mobility
  • Increased energy
  • Stronger joints
  • Better Joint Function
  • Many Biochemical benefits
  • Natural Ingredients with no side effects
  • Great Taste for easy consumption

Functional Ingredients Of Flexpet

  • FlexPet uses human grade ingredients that are completely natural and free of side effects. The manufacturer of the supplement works under strict guidelines provided by the FDA of United States. The product is produced and distributed in the United States. FlexPet is free from any volatile chemicals that can cause harm. It does not contain any artificial flavorings or colors.

The main ingredients that make FlexPet such a good supplement for great joint health are:

  • Chicken Collagen
  • Proteolytic Enzyme Blend
  • MSM
  • Cetyl Myristoleate
  • Bromelain
  • Glucosamine

These ingredients combined together ensure increased joint and muscle health for your pet. Bromelain makes it possible to get rid of any inflammation inside the body.

When To Use Flexpet For Your Dog?

  • FlexPet can be used regardless of any health issues found in your pet. However, it is recommended that you consult your veterinarian if you are not sure about your pet’s health. The supplement can also be used as soon as you discover your pet showing signs of discomfort. Sometimes all your pet needs is a good energy boost which FlexPet effectively provides. There are some cases where the pet might even show signs of extreme discomfort. This could be due to an injury or general joint pain. FlexPet will enable your pet to quickly get back on its feet and enjoy healthier joints throughout its life.
  • FlexPet is not a pain masking medicine for pets. It is a supplement that encourages better bodily function overall. So instead of using a pain killer to relieve your pet of agonizing pain in the muscles or joints, use FlexPet to treat the root cause of the pain.

Flexpet Usage & Dosage Directions

FlexPet comes in chewable tablet forms that are easily consumable by cats or dogs. However, you must ensure that you control the dosage of the supplement to avoid any unnecessary health problems. Following is the proper dosage of FlexPet for dogs:

flexpet usage1 – 2 tablets daily for small sized dogs

2 – 3 tablets for large dogs

3 – 4 tablets for extra large sized dogs

FlexPet is a supplement and does not magically treat all problems. This is why it is recommended that with the dosage of the supplement, you also make sure that your pet gets plenty of exercise and nutrition. For best results, it is highly recommended that you consistently use the supplement for at least about three weeks before seeing any noticeable results.

Discounts, Pricing & Buying Flexpet

  • Flexpet has  a few different ways to buy. They even have a sample pack you can try… Click here for sample pack
  • 1 bottle of Flexpet has 60 chewable tablets and depending on the size of your dog could last longer or short.
  • Your best bet is to visit the website and figure out the best option for you.
  • Click here to see all the buying options. The Buy 2 Get 1 FREE is always the best.
  • They are also very good with sales… so check back here and we will list them as they come.

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