How to Find Out Your Dogs Breed


If you purchase a dog from a shelter, it might be difficult to find out what the exact breed of your dog is. Shelters are stuffed with puppies and adult dogs awaiting adoption, some are clearly purebred, but others are clearly mixes of multiple breeds. Every dog is equally deserved of love no matter what their breed is, but it’s still amusing to figure out a dog’s history. It can also be helpful to know a dog’s heritage for medical purposes since some breeds are vulnerable to specific health issues.


Ask Your Vet’s Opinion

Vets see many numbers of breeds come into their clinics, and the majority develop a keen eye for assessing which breed(s) may be involved in a certain dog’s family line. When in question, inquire with your vet for an expert opinion about your dog’s history.


Contact Your Local Kennel Club

If you are wondering if your dog is purebred or mixed, you’ll find legitimate dog experts at your local kennel club.

Find out when the club is gathering for the next meeting and plan to attend. Bring your dog with you and ask if anyone can try to help you find out his or her history after the meeting finishes. You might get more opinions than you expected, but it could lead to a great conversation and consensus of opinion.


Submit a DNA Sample

If you really feel you need to know which breed your dog is, submitting a DNA sample will be the most accurate way to find it out.

Collecting a DNA sample is as easy as swiping the inside of your dog’s mouth with a cotton swab and sealing it with the collection container provided with the kit. You can then insert the container in the return envelope that comes with the kit and mail it back to the lab. Once the sample has been analyzed, labs typically send a report on which breeds were identified in the sample.

Be aware that dog DNA testing isn’t foolproof and results may vary, but it may prove more accurate than a visual comparison to other dog breeds. If you can afford the cost of the test, this may be your best option.