Otterhounds are enthusiastic and loud barkers. But don’t expect yours to be a guard dog — he’s far too friendly for that. The large and rough-coated otterhound was originally bred for looking otter in England. built for work, the dog breed has a keen nose and known stamina. he’s also a playful clown, friendly and fond of his family. he’s an uncommon breed, with fewer than ten otterhound litters born every year in the united states and Canada.

The otterhound is an old breed, developed in England from Bloodhounds and different kinds of dogs. though the otterhound is believed to have been existing for quite five hundred years, it is a fairly rare breed nowadays. There are presently fewer than 1,000 Otterhounds, only 350 to 500 of them residing in the united states. In fact, just four to seven litters are born every year in the united states and Canada. If you have your heart set on an otterhound, expect difficulty finding one.

Source; https://goo.gl/a3rXUJ

Source; https://goo.gl/a3rXUJ

Why is that the breed so uncommon? nobody is aware of for sure, however, it certainly is not because of the otterhound personality. sometimes called the “class clown,” the otterhound has a sweet, fond, fun-loving personality. he is independent, too, not demanding a lot of attention. once greeting you with enthusiasm, the otterhound is likely to end the nap he was taking when you arrived.

The otterhound is a giant breed. Even tiny females weigh about sixty-five pounds, and huge males will weigh 125 pounds. they are definitely dogs who take up space within the household.