Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

The nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever dog breed was created to each lure and retrieve waterfowl. This versatile breed excels within the field and shows ring, in obedience and agility, and as a companion to a lively family.

Frolicking at the water’s edge, white-tipped tail flashing within the daylight, a nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever dances in the waves. Curious ducks and alternative water bird draw nearer to watch his performance when a hunter takes aim and fires. that is once this remarkable dog shows he is not merely a harmless goofball but a hardworking hunting dog. He splashes into the water to retrieve the bounty he helped attract.

Source: https://goo.gl/U33If6

Source: https://goo.gl/U33If6

The nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever may be a rare breed that originated in the very little river district of nova Scotia, a province on Canada’s Atlantic Coast. Originally called little river Duck Dogs, they were renamed the nova Scotia Duck Tolling retriever — a mouthful, even for a retriever, so most fans call them Tollers.

This sporting breed includes a ton going for it: personality, versatility, and an easy-care coat. they are the smallest of all the retriever breeds and share several of the same traits, like a powerful working drive, intelligence, and a happy nature. but the breed has some drawbacks as well. they will be strong willed and are not as eager to please as a labrador or golden retriever. If allowed to, they’re going to lead of a household.