Norwegian Elkhound

The Norwegian Elkhound was originally used to hunt moose and different game. The name of this ancient breed is a complete misnomer; they weren’t meant to hunt moose, and that they are not hounds. In Norwegian, Norsk Elghund means that “moose dog,” and in German, elch means that “moose” — most likely a part of the reason for the confusion in English.

Linguistic history aside, the Norwegian elkhound has phenomenal stamina. while hunting, he would jump forward and back and round the moose, bear, or wolf, keeping it in one place and barking nonstop till the hunter arrived.

Souce: https://goo.gl/7tCqaU

Souce: https://goo.gl/7tCqaU

While most people who live with a Norwegian elkhound today do not hunt outside the icebox, think about his fearless an active noisemaking strategy before you choose to bring a Norwegian elkhound into your life. Norwegian Elkhounds are known for barking, and though the attribute can be trained out of some, you can’t bet on it.

What this background means that to the average dog owner is that exacting obedience work just is not within the image. He’ll be fine in basic obedience and he makes an excellent family dog, however, understand clearly that pleasing you isn’t the very best item on his to-do list. this is often no golden retriever, so go get your own slippers. Toys are usually of no interest. He loves chasing balls, however, you’ll forget about him bringing them back to you.