Norwegian Buhund

Intelligent, independent, and eager to please, the Norwegian Buhund dog breed will handle all types of dog jobs and sports with ease. He wants lots of exercises and a focus and could be a fast learner.

The Norwegian Buhund hails from Norway, wherever he was liable for herding livestock and guarding the farm. He has a trait that is rare among the spitz breeds: a desire to please. Add in his intelligence and independence, and you get an extremely trainable and capable dog. He will handle jobs ranging from the hearing dog, to police dog, to a competitor in agility and obedience trials. His alert nature and tendency to bark create him a good watchdog, though he is probably too friendly to create any real threat.

Source: https://goo.gl/AtAW34

Source: https://goo.gl/AtAW34

This is active some say tireless breed who needs lots of vigorous exercise and playtime daily. he is extremely affectionate together with his family, as well as the youngsters, and enjoys a cuddle on the couch as well as a romp within the park. Kind, consistent coaching is important for this good dog, as is family involvement. He will not need to be left out of anything!