Norfolk Terrier

The Norfolk terrier is what’s thought about a “big dog in a little package.” Alert, gregarious, and nimble, he’s a loyal companion with the heart of a working terrier. Norfolks are energetic dogs who like a lot of activity so make sure he’s included in the household action as much as possible. If you are seeking an active canine companion who is fearless, yet caring, the Norfolk terrier could also be the breed for you.

With a perky, outgoing personality, and tireless constitution, the 12-pound Norfolk charms those who know and love him. never boring, and certainly no couch potato, he’s all terrier–tenacious, freelance, hard-working, and charming.

Source: https://goo.gl/xATZdH

Source: https://goo.gl/xATZdH

The Norfolk has the temperament and. although little, he makes up for it with a buoyant, spirited approach to life. he’s active, alert, smart natured, and always able to play.

The Norfolk is tireless in his pursuit of fun–which is exhausting for you. do not expect the Norfolk to sit down around when there’s something to investigate. This dog thrives on the action so be ready to supply it for him–or he’ll be bored and sad.

The Norfolk may be a typical terrier, that means he is freelance and always able to chase after. he is prone to dig and bark, too–behaviors that return naturally to breeds bred to chase vermin that sleep in dens

The Norfolk is also incredibly cute. With small, dark eyes sparkling with mischief, and a scruffy, wiry coat, it’s difficult to resist his charm.

Norfolk Terriers have been known by completely different names over the years. They were known as Cantab Terriers once Cambridge University students want to keep them as pets. They even have been known as Trumpington Terriers, after a street within the area wherever the breed was developed. For a while, they were even known as Jones Terriers, named when the man who 1st exported them to the united states.