Lowchen is a toy dog breed that was developed as a companion dog and still finds itself in this role today. Active and good, they are doing very well in dog competitions like obedience and gracefulness, and surpass the expectations that several have for a family companion.

With a name that interprets to “lion dog,” you would possibly expect the Lowchen to possess a fierce behavior, however, with people, he is lion-like only in his appearance. playful and mild, the Lowchen may be a nice companion for children and adults alike.

Source: https://goo.gl/cS8Clj

Source: https://goo.gl/cS8Clj

He is amazingly robust and loves to roughhouse together with his people. The Lowchen typically gets along well with everybody, however, he can be shy of strangers. With correct socialization, this trait may be overcome, however. Generally, Lowchen can work into any family whether there are dogs before they arrive or not. They also get along well with different pets.

The Lowchen is caring and loving. They thrive after they are with their people and may fit where that person is living, be it a housing or a large estate. they must not be left outside or in a kennel, and doing so will not only cause ill health for the dog however also to many temperamental issues.

The Lowchen was not developed to be an outdoor or kennel dog. They are companion dogs and are happiest when they are in the company of the people they love.