Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier is originally bred to hunt and kill the prey on sheep during the lambing season in Northern England.

Create to be a practical working terrier, the Lakeland from England’s beautiful but rugged and mountainous Lake District, where the job of the dog is to hunt and kill the foxes that plagued farmers.

Source: https://goo.gl/oYfUSp

Source: https://goo.gl/oYfUSp

The Lakeland is cheerful and energetic, but most likely self-respecting terrier, he can be willful and determined. The people are enchanted by his charm, intelligence, and sense of humor. They right away get along with the children and other dogs but reserved with strangers. Being a Lakeland Terrier, they are prone to chasing small animals, so they are advice to socialize them with other animals like cats and other small animals from an early age.

Lakeland Terrier they have a double coat: thick, hard topcoat to protect them from thorns and dense undercoat to keep them warm in hail, in cold weather like snow and rain of their home region. Alert and ready to go, Lakies often look as if they’re standing on their tiptoes.

Proper training techniques, you will find that Lakeland is quick to learn only because he has a great deal of energy, you might want to consider training him for obedience or agility.