Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin dog breed hails from Asia, wherever he has been prized as a companion for over cardinal years. He was a well-liked member of Chinese and Japanese imperial courts, and it had been in Japan that his distinctive look was developed. This breed is elegant and dainty, mild and Elvis.

Source: http://bit.ly/2fi6nv7

Source: http://bit.ly/2fi6nv7

Jumpin’ jiminy! Is that a Japanese Chin on your fireplace mantel? It is! those that digest the Chin usually marvel at the breed’s ability to leap tall furnishings in a single sure. The toy-size Japanese Chin contains a catlike nature that features the will to be in high places, the power to climb, and therefore the tendency to clean himself. He has conjointly been seen batting at objects very similar to a cat would.

Feline traits even so, the Japanese Chin has all of the qualities one appearance for in a very companion dog. He thrives once he is along with his folks, and he loves everybody. Japanese Chin had best in residences and can adapt to any living scenario, however, their small size and love of human friendly relationship mean they don’t seem to be suited to living outdoors or in a very kennel.

Japanese Chin has the classic look of an Oriental breed with a large, broad head; large, wide-set eyes; and a flattish face. Small, V-shaped ears hang down, set just below the top of the head. They carry their plumed tail jauntily over their back.