Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound was originally bred to hunt rabbits and small game on the Balearic island of Ibiza. Today, the Ibizan Hound dog breed remains employed in that capability in Spain et al. Ibizan Hounds also compete in lure hunting, agility, obedience, conformation, and tracking, in addition to being much-loved family companions.

He comes from the stylish Spanish island of Ibiza, but the elegant Ibizan Hound maybe canine classic whose history dates to the time of the pharaohs of Egypt. the beautiful red and white dog has a long, narrow head that resembles that of the Egyptian jackal god Anubis, large, erect ears that can purpose forward, sideways, or be folded-up backward, and flesh-colored pigment on the nose and eye rims, all of that mix to relinquish him a novel look. additional vital is that the marvelous temperament that shines through.

Source: http://bit.ly/2fDx55S

Source: http://bit.ly/2fDx55S

The Ibizan Hound, nicknamed Beezer by his fans, is playful and generally silly. he’s not a loving dog, however he enjoys arousal with members of his family. The Ibizan will be reserved with strangers and protecting of his home, however he ought to ne’er be keep or aggressive.

A medium-size sight hound WHO was developed to hunt rabbits and alternative little game, he was bred for speed, stamina, and determination. Today, those skills create this athletic dog a match for a few of the highest hunting breeds, in addition as a wonderful challenger in gracefulness, because of his ability to leap high and much.

Ibizan Hounds get pleasure from their comforts — that sleek, sculptured body desires artifact, finally — and may become couch potatoes who get pleasure from disbursal their days sleeping. Their exercise desires are moderate. they will get pleasure from a few of 20- or 30-minute walks or jogs daily. Whenever possible, offer them an opportunity to run full come in an oversized, safely enclosed space.