The Havanese dog breed has won many admirers along with his long, silky hair, expressive eyes, and cuddly size. Bred as a companion dog to the Cuban aristocracy within the 1800s, he’s attained the nickname “Velcro dog” as a result of he sticks so closely to his owner’s side. however don’t write him off as simply a lapdog; the Havanese is trainable and amazingly energetic, and has excelled in dog sports and canine careers starting from circus entertainer to aiding the incapacitated.

The Havanese shines his warm temperament on everybody, as well as strangers, children, other dogs, and even cats. however his family can get the lion’s share of his love; given the selection, he’ll stick like glue to his owner’s facet. The potential draw back to any or all this devotion is that, once left alone, the Havanese will become anxious. this can be positively a guard dog, and a Havanese who’s left within the backyard — or anyplace off from his family — isn’t a contented dog.

Source: https://goo.gl/YZIjsq

Source: https://goo.gl/YZIjsq

His Velcro temperament is not therefore stunning, considering he was bred to stay the rich families of his native island of Cuba company. Since then, however, the Havanese has established that he is smart for far more than warming laps. Havanese dogs square measure quite trainable, and they’ve worked as medical care and help dogs, sniffed out mildew and termites, and shown off their humorous antics as acting dogs.

They’ve conjointly got a stunning quantity of energy for his or her size, and for the family wanting to contend, the Havanese can blithely tackle such sports as agility, freestyle, obedience, and flyball.