Harriers originally were bred to hunt hares and foxes. Today, the dog breed isn’t particularly fashionable, however his wonderful sense of smell and tireless work ethic makes him a good appropriate hunters.

Harriers generally square measure delineate as “Beagles on steroids.” These spirited, active scent hounds were originally bred to hunt hares and foxes in massive packs, however they are rattling family companions.

Don’t expect to seek out one in your neighborhood, however. they’re one in all the rarest breeds registered with the Yankee Kennel Club. In 1994, as an example, there have been solely four Harrier litters born within the entire u.  s. (resulting in barely thirty one puppies).

Source: http://bit.ly/2ep1AtI

Source: http://bit.ly/2ep1AtI

Built to figure, Harriers have countless bone and substance for his or her size. Their muzzles square measure long with a well-developed nose and open nostrils. Their eyes square measure dark, alert, and intelligent. Speed isn’t as vital as stamina for these dogs. Hares and foxes are famous to drop from exhaustion once being pursued by a relentless pack of Harriers.

Harriers have long, born ears, and their feet have thick pads that change them to last hours through rough piece of land. they need broad chests to produce countless space for his or her hearts and lungs. Their tails square measure set high and carried upright (not curled over their backs), creating it easier for hunters to check them from a distance or in thick brush. Harriers are good watchdogs who will bark if they feel that someone or something is threatening their territory, but they are not good guard dogs.