Glen of Imaal Terrier

The Glen  of Imaal Terrier dog could be a robust, freelance dog breed named for the remote valley in Ireland where he originated. Bred to hunt fox and badger, and to stay homes freed from rodents, the valley could be a complete and crafty hunter. He’s additionally associate warm family dog, mild and in love along with his individuals.

This powerful hunting dog was originally bred to be a tenacious hunter of fox, badger, and rodents, even following his prey underground. though the trendy valley is additional seemingly to pay his days reposeful along with his family, he still includes a hunter’s heart. Nothing is additional pleasant to him than an honest chase once a plaguey squirrel or the neighbor’s cat — aside from, perhaps, a good dig. A Glen will happily dig up your flower garden if you let him.

Source: https://goo.gl/cel6fk

Source: https://goo.gl/cel6fk

You can place his hunter’s smarts to smart use with coaching, ciao as you retain it fun for him; otherwise, he is seemingly to indicate his freelance streak, and wander away in search of one thing additional attention-grabbing. And you’ll channel his energy and vigor into dog sports like nimbleness and obedience competitions.

If you are not fascinated by dog sports, want you will need you’ll have to search out differently to assist him burn off energy; Glens need daily exercise. and you may got to lock up the kibble and keep tempting individuals food out of reach; this dog includes a hearty appetite, and might gain the pounds terribly quickly if he is allowed to satiate.

The courageous Glen can defend his family if required, and his loud warning bark can warn you whenever somebody approaches the house, creating him a superb watchdog. however that very same aggressive spirit will typically get him into hassle with different canines. he is unlikely to start out a fight, however you’ll make certain he will not backtrack from one if challenged. Given enough time to act with different dogs and apply his canine social skills, however, he will learn to urge along side them.