Giant Schnauzer

The Giant Schnauzer was created to be a domestic dog breed, thus he has intelligence and drive. He may be a loyal and fearless companion for the one that will offer him with the coaching, exercise, and a focus he wants.

The Giant Schnauzer is that the largest of the 3 terrier breeds. He contains a commanding look and rugged build. however his stoic behavior is belied by the twinkle in his eyes, hinting at his sportive nature.

Source: https://goo.gl/7gDHM6

Source: https://goo.gl/7gDHM6

This is an enormous dog with an enormous temperament. he is a full of life, intelligent companion United Nations agency makes life fascinating together with his freelance thinking and playfulness, however dominant temperament and daring approach to life. In short, he is one or two, even for skilled dog homeowners. Still, within the right home he is a loyal and fearless companion.

There is no limit to the capabilities of a well-trained schnauzer. Obedience, agility, tracking, carting, and social area unit among the dog sports during which you’ll be able to notice him competitor. Originally accustomed drive bovine to plug, he excels as a police and watchdog and a lot of recently has branched bent drug detection and search and rescue. He contains a mild and gaga facet similarly, creating him AN admirable medical aid dog. however the large Schnauzer’s favorite activity is being with the individuals he loves.

The keys to living with success with an enormous terrier embody coaching, socialization, and providing physical and mental stimulation. large Schnauzers want all of those to become well-mannered dogs, and that they want them in abundance.

The breed’s intelligence is wide acknowledged, and that they may be simply trained once their individuals area unit firm and consistent. ne’er let the large Schnauzer’s marvelous mind visit waste. make certain to grant him a job; let him notice things for you, carry things, perform tricks, and blow their own horns his obedience coaching.