German Shorthaired Pointer

This versatile hunting dog breed hunts many sorts of game, retrieves ashore or from water, And is an caring companion. He contains a putting, easy-care coat, however he desires lots of vigorous exercise. If you’ll offer him with the mental and physical challenges he craves, he’ll be your best four-legged friend.

One of the foremost versatile sporting breeds around, the fashionable and royal German Short haired Pointer may be a very good dog WHO additionally excels as a family companion. He hunts feathered and hairy game and can even path ruminant. within the evening, he plays with the youngsters or curls up next to you on the lounge. Not a hunter? The German Short hair are happy to hike or jog with you.

Source: http://bit.ly/2egtIxJ

Source: http://bit.ly/2egtIxJ

Slightly smaller than a Pointer, the GSP has AN elegantly distinct head with dark almond shaped eyes, an intelligent, good-humored expression, and an outsize, dark nose. Broad, born ears area unit set high and lie flat against the pinnacle. however the foremost putting side of the GSP’s look is his short, dense, sleek coat of solid liver or liver and white, which may be patched, ticked or roan. The tail is typically docked, going away concerning 40% of the initial length.

This energetic, intelligent dog is crazy at work and play. He likes being with folks and may be a smart friend to kids, albeit a bit rambunctious for little ones. That people-loving temperament causes the GSP to be sad if left alone for long periods, and he will become nervous and harmful if he is not given regular fellowship and exercise. He’ll bark at strangers however is not aggressive. Males tend to be a lot of outgoing and area unit a lot of aggressive hunters than females.