Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier, otherwise called the English Bull Terrier, goes back to the mid 1800s and started in Great Britain. These are effective yet exceedingly amicable pooches that blossom with love yet are constantly amusement to skip. Similarly as with most terriers, they are tenacious and independent free-thinkers, who love to play and be active with their owners. They can be  strong-willed, obstinate, alert, dexterous and vigorous. They are not troubled by harsh play and are great with youngsters and families.

Source: http://goo.gl/hgTmvY

Source: http://goo.gl/hgTmvY

The normal Bull Terrier stands 20 to 24 inches at the shrivels and measures a normal of 50 to 80 pounds. These dogs have an extremely muscular build and are very strong. The Bull Terrier has a short however thick coat that is anything but difficult to look after, and standard brushing will lessen overabundance shedding.

Bull Terriers are almost universally believed to be the result of crossing a Bulldog to the now-extinct White English Terrier, which produced a type of dog known as the Bull-and-Terrier. A few creators recommend that the cross may have been between a Bulldog and a substantial, smooth Black-and-Tan Terrier. In any case, the subsequent Bull-and-Terrier was later mated with the Spanish Pointer to add size to the breed, which is obvious in today’s Bull Terriers. The Bull Terrier was created by sportsmen for sportsmen, and additionally to be a respectable man’s trusted sidekick.