A true companion dog, the Bolognese canine breed loves to be at his family’s side. Be that as it may, he additionally cherishes getting his direction and can be entirely shrewd about it, so be cautious — you could wind up being controlled by a 10-pound furball.

Comical and curious, this smart and dedicated pooch loves to invest energy with his kin, whether it’s going for strolls, running errands, or playing with the children. An individual from the Bichon group of white, fleecy mutts — he’s otherwise called the Bichon Bolognese — he began in the Italian city of Bologna, from which he takes his name. He exceeds expectations at controlling individuals to get his direction, and can be hard to housetrain, so be tolerant and steady.

Source: http://goo.gl/Fn0p9n

Source: http://goo.gl/Fn0p9n

The Bolognese has a place with a group of puppies that incorporate the Bichon Frise, Maltese, Havanese, and Coton de Tulear. These breeds have a comparable appearance and fundamentally the same as personality and conduct. Of the gathering, a few reproducers trust that the Bolognese is the brightest scholar and issue solver. Given and mindful, the Bolognese shadows his proprietor possessively and is such a talented peruser of non-verbal communication and expression that he regularly seems clairvoyant.