Basenji dog breed was initially found in the Congo. He utilizes both aroma and sight to chase and was initially used to flush little game into a seeker’s nets and to control town rat populaces. Sharp and charming, he’s a decent friend for the individual or family who can stay a stage in front of him.

Surely understood as the “barkless” dog from Africa, the Basenji draws in admirers with his short coat, little, strong body, ready disposition, erect ears, and tail twisted firmly more than one hip. A wrinkled temples gives him a curious and at times evil expression.


Source: http://goo.gl/urU2Pd

Source: http://goo.gl/urU2Pd


Getting a Basenji from a legitimate reproducer who will talk about the upsides and downsides of living with this breed will give you a rude awakening, and such a raiser is likewise more inclined to check breeding stock for heritable health problems breeding them. Basenjis consider themselves family. They cannot be left in a yard with food and water. They require a great deal of time and attention.