Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The Anatolian Shepherd has a large head, great bone structure, and an intelligent expression. The canine’s coat, which can be found in a variety of colors, is short or rough and somewhat more around the mane and neck. Its undercoat, in the meanwhile, is thick. The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a pure worker. Originally bred in Turkey for utilitarian purposes, it is today considered one of the preeminent guard dogs. This large, powerful dog also has a unique facility for protecting livestock.


Source: http://goo.gl/U9UGKi

Source: http://goo.gl/U9UGKi




A ultimate guard dog, the Anatolian Shepherd will start to bark when it gets to be suspicious. It is dedicated to its human family and serves as a brilliant family defender. Regardless of these qualities, be that as it may, the breed is perceived as an accommodating, laid back group – failing to seek out trouble. Despite the fact that pleasant with children, the Anatolian Shepherd may not be as fun loving as youngsters anticipate.



The Anatolian Shepherd requires negligible coat care, involving just once per week brushing session to clear the dear hair. An energetic run or long walk is all it requires for a day by day exercise regimen. It is additionally partial to associating with its family, yet can live outside in cool and calm climates.