He was initially utilized for guarding sovereignty and respectability in medieval Japan. The Akita likewise followed and chased wild hog, mountain bear, and in some cases deer. He is a fearless and faithful gatekeeper of his family. The Akita does not down from difficulties and does not terrify effectively. However he is additionally a friendly, conscious, and amusing dog.

The Akita is a major, strong canine with a particularly effective appearance: a huge head rather than little, triangular eyes; and a certain, tough position.

This breed is famous for resolute dedication to his proprietors, and he can be surprisingly sweet and warm with relatives. Envision an adoring defender who will tail you from room to room, whose whole mission in life is by all accounts just to serve you.

Source: https://goo.gl/VP7zWm

Source: https://goo.gl/VP7zWm


The Akita is brave, a characteristic gatekeeper of his family. Determined and resolute, he won’t down from a test. He doesn’t as a rule bark unless there is a justifiable reason, yet he is vocal, making interesting snorts, groans, and mutters. A few proprietors says the Akita mumbles under his breath and is by all accounts conversing with himself, while others say the Akita offers his feeling on all matters, from how to stack the dishwasher to when the kids ought to be put to bed.