Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is elegance personified. This extraordinary, ancient dog breed has an appearance quite unlike any other: sensational sleek coat, exotic face, and thin, mold model form. Looks aside, Afghan enthusiasts depict this dog as both aloof and clever. Hailing from Afghanistan, where the first name for the breed was Tazi, the Afghan is thought to go back to the pre-Christian era and is viewed as one of most seasoned breeds.





The Afghan Hound was initially used for chasing large prey in both the deserts and in the mountains of Afghanistan, where his bounteous, streaming coat was required for warmth. The Afghan was exceptionally esteemed for his capacity to run — quick and over extraordinary separations — bravely holding perilous creatures, for example, panthers, under control until his huntsman on horseback made up for lost time. The Afghan was additionally esteemed for his capacity to think and chase autonomously, without human bearing.