NexGard is a generally new drug which can be given to pooches to kill ticks and bugs. It contains the active ingredients afoxolaner which spreads through the pooch’s circulation system in the wake of being ingested. At the point when parasites eat the blood of the canine the medication enters their bodies and causes passing by over-burdening the sensory system.

The solution kills the accompanying ticks:

  • American Dog tick

  • Black-legged tick

  • Brown Dog tick

  • Lone star tick

To what extent does it take to kill insects?

Nexgard kills every grown-up bug inside 24 hours before they can lay eggs.

Safety Guidelines

In spite of the fact that it is a sheltered solution, it could be hazardous if utilized inaccurately. At the point when offering NexGard to your pet you ought to take after these rules:

  • Try not to provide for mutts who weigh under 4 lbs

  • Try not to provide for pooches who are under 8 weeks old

  • Practice caution or avoid use entirely in seizure-prone pets

  • Store well out of compass of youngsters and pets

Cautioning: This drug ought to never be taken by a human or any creature other than a pooch

What Is It Used For?

NexGard is given to canines to slaughter grown-up bugs and to avert bug infestations. It is likewise used to slaughter ticks and control existing tick infestations. It doesn’t go about as a repellant, parasites must chomp and feast upon your pet’s blood before the drug produces results.


In spite of the fact that remarkable, the accompanying antagonistic impacts are conceivable:

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Lethargy

  • Loss of appetite

  • Dry or flaky skin

  • Seizures

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