Imodium For Dogs

Imodium For Dogs

  • Imodium (loperamide) is a medication which can be utilized to treat dogs with diarrhea of the bowels. It acts directly on the intestinal wall to keep the absorption of water and electrolytes under control and to keep waste from being pushed through the digestive tract too rapidly. At the point when waste is pushed through the digestive tract too rapidly, the entrails don’t have enough time to legitimately retain liquids prompting a watery stool. For treating loose bowels you can utilize either the plain recipe (Imodium A-D or EZ Chews) or Imodium Multi-Symptom Relief.

Recommended Dosage

Note: Even the drug can be acquired over-the-counter it may not be reasonable for all dog. You ought to dependably converse with your vet before regulating any item containing loperamide.

  • The drug can be given in two courses, either by pouring the liquid onto your dog’s nourishment or by having they swallow the caplets or EZ Chews. The suppers you encourage while treating looseness of the bowels ought to be tasteless, comprising of three measures of plain rice and bubbled chicken or bubbled beef burgers. It’s best to not proceed with treatment past 5 back to back days and to contact a vet if side effects haven’t enhanced following 48 hours.

Can I Give My Dog Imodium?

Yes, yet those with the MDR1 quality transformation will probably encounter sedation. This transformation is normal in these breeds:

  • Collies
  • German/Australian Shepherds
  • English/Old English/McNab/Shetland
  • English/Old English/McNab/Shetland Sheepdogs
  • Longhaired Whippets
  • Smooth Windhounds
  • Skye terriers

If your pet is a blended breed or if you think they may have the MDR1 transformation you can get them tried by asking the vet.

What is the MDR1 quality?

  • The MDR1 quality is in charge of delivering a protein known as “P-glycoprotein” which expels poisons from the mind. At the point when the quality is changed the body will most likely be unable to appropriately expel hurtful substances from the mind. Take in more here.

Different contraindications…

  • This medication ought not to be given to pregnant or nursing dogs or to puppies under 6 weeks of age. On the off chance that the loose bowels have been created by eating a poisonous substance, utilizing loperamide could keep its expulsion from the body prompting various issues.

Guidelines For Use

For safe treatment with this pharmaceutical we suggest taking after these rules:

  • Converse with a vet before utilizing this drug.
  • Tell a vet if your puppy has ever responded gravely to ivermectin.
  • Educate the vet regarding any medicinal conditions your pet experiences.
  • Tell the vet regarding some other medications or supplements you are providing for your pet.
  • Give a lot of water to replace the liquid they are losing.
  • Feed bland food, for example, plain rice and bubbled beefburgers.
  • Contact the vet if symptoms don’t improve following 2 days.
  • Do not continue treatment for longer than 5 days.


Diarrhea causes water and electrolytes to be lost from the body which can prompt drying out. This is the reason it’s particularly critical to give a lot of water and vital minerals until the indications of looseness of the bowels have gone away.

What Is It Used For

The medicine is used to moderate the entry of waste through their insides and to permit electrolytes and water to be legitimately consumed once again into the framework. It can likewise be utilized to:

  • Lessen the measure of stool delivered.
  • Treat the runs brought on by fractious inside disorder (IBS).

Loperamide can viably treat looseness of the bowels created by liquid develop or intestinal muscles contracting too rapidly.

Side Effects

A dog treated with loperamide could experience any of the following side effects:

Most Common

  • Sedation
  • Flatulence
  • Constipation


  • Intestinal paralysis
  • Toxic megacolon
  • Pancreatitis


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