Cyclosporine is the active ingredient of Atopica(®). It is an immunosuppressant which implies it smothers the body’s regular invulnerable framework reactions, making it an alternative in the treatment of resistant intervened malady and keeping the dismissal of surgical unions and transplantations. The prescription is primarily used to treat and avert tingling, and desirable over corticosteroids in the long haul in view of the negative impacts connected with the drawn out use corticosteroids.

Safety Profile 

Adverse effects are generally constrained to gastric impacts, and it is a preferable decision to corticosteroids for treating certain ceaseless tingling conditions. It may not be alright for puppies with liver or kidney sickness, or those with a background marked by dangerous neoplasia. It likewise connects with an expansive

Pregnancy/Nursing: We prompt that owners ought not to control this drug to pregnant or nursing pooches.

 Guidelines For Use

 At the point when utilizing any cyclosporine prescription we recommend taking after these rules:

  • Try not to utilize unless coordinated to do as such by a vet
  • Stick to utilizing the type of cyclosporine suggested by your vet *
  • Control no less than one hour before or two hours taking after a dinner
  • Tell the vet of your puppy’s medicinal conditions (if any are available)
  • Inform the vet of whatever other drug or supplements you give your puppy

 * For instance, if the vet recommends Atopica, don’t substitute for Sandimmune because of contrasting measurements.

 It’s imperative that you don’t give any new meds to your puppy while they are taking cyclosporine until your vet has let you know it’s alright to do as such. This is to stay away from undesirable medication connections.


 This medication is regularly utilized for:

  • Treating atopic dermatitis
  • Keeping the dismissal of unions/transplants


 The most widely recognized unfriendly impacts are gastric related (heaving, looseness of the bowels). Yet, there have additionally been reports of gingival augmentation, over the top hair development, unreasonable hair shedding and papillomatosis. Overdoses may bring about kidney or liver harm.

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