Naproxen, the active ingredient of Aleve, is a torment alleviation drug not every now and again endorsed for creatures. At the point when given to pooches it is regularly utilized for the help of agony connected with osteoarthritis or comparative provocative conditions and has a place with the NSAID class of medications, which is shared by ibuprofen and in addition veterinary prescriptions like carprofen. Since this medication is not viewed as extremely protected (because of the high danger of poisonous quality and reactions, for the most part as a consequence of unintentional overdose) it is generally just utilized when more secure options have neglected to give help.

Never give any pharmaceuticals containing naproxen to your puppy unless encouraged to do as such by your vet, and just utilize the medication if all else fails when different alternatives don’t give alleviation from side effects.

How Safe Is It?

Naproxen is not extremely sheltered, which is the reason it is regularly utilized after other torment help drugs don’t work and interchange choices have been depleted. Assimilation into a canine’s framework after oral organization is quick with a half existence of around 34 to 72 hours (source).

Studies into the safety of this drug have given doses as high as 2.5 mg/lb to dogs for seven consecutive days. This resulted in vomiting, anemia, depression and melena. Creature poison control focuses have reported blood in stools, heaving, melena, unpredictable pulse and loose bowels in instances of overdose.

Contraindications and Drug Interactions

The drug is connected with numerous contraindications, thus you ought to uncover every single restorative condition your pet experiences to your vet.

Security Guidelines

Never regulate this pharmaceutical unless a qualified vet has instructed you to do as such. The greatest worry amid treatment is the likelihood of awful symptoms and coincidental overdose. To expand the security of treatment you ought to utilize a quality which is anything but difficult to precisely dosage and enlighten the vet concerning:

  • All medical conditions affecting your dog as well as all other medicines or supplements they are taking

  • Any prior bad reactions your pet has had to NSAID drugs

Pregnancy: The medication has not been appeared to make harm hatchlings, but rather considers into this matter are not yet broad.

When Is It Used?

Naproxen is regularly used as an agony alleviation medication for the treatment of provocative conditions, (for example, joint inflammation) and is held for use just when more secure options, for example, carprofen have neglected to enhance manifestations.

It ought not be given to pets with stomach or intestinal ulcers.

Antagonistic Reactions

The danger of antagonistic responses amid treatment is generally high. This may include:

  • Raised liver enzyme levels

  • Gastrointestinal ulcers

  • Stomach perforation

  • Kidney inflammation


An overdose can be dangerous if left untreated. On the off chance that your pet has ingested an overdose of this solution you ought to look for prompt veterinary consideration. Side effects include:

  • Pale mucous layers

  • Blood in stools

  • Regurgitating

  • Looseness of the bowels

  • Ataxia

  • Anemia

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