Metronidazole, otherwise called Flagyl, is a multi-reason anti-microbial frequently utilized as a part of the treatment of mutts. While it’s not yet endorsed for use in creatures by the FDA, it is normally recommended by vets for the treatment of Giardia and bacterial diseases. It works by pulverizing and keeping the formation of DNA in contaminating creatures.

While treating Giardia a higher measurements will be utilized which can build the danger of symptoms. Since awful responses to metronidazole can be not kidding it’s normally better to utilize Panacur in these cases.

Is It Safe?

This drug is sheltered much of the time yet is not yet FDA-affirmed for veterinary utilize and can bring about genuine unfriendly impacts in uncommon cases. It is thought to influence hatchlings so it’s best not to offer it to a pregnant or nursing puppy, and is likewise inadmissible for extremely youthful puppies.

For Giardia diseases we prescribe utilizing Panacur which has a tendency to be more secure. Dissimilar to metronidazole, Panacur has been affirmed by the FDA for veterinary use.

Treatment may not be reasonable for those anguish from the accompanying conditions:

  • Liver disease

  • Neutropenia

  • Seizure disorders

If you can’t avoid giving it to a dog with liver disease the dose can be cut in half. At times creatures treated with the medication could encounter neurological impacts.

On the off chance that treatment is not appropriate for your canine you can get some information about different anti-infection agents, for example, Baytril (enrofloxacin), however Baytril is not powerful to treat anaerobic diseases.

Rules For Safe Use

To securely utilize metronidazole you ought to take after these rules:

  • Continuously address a vet before use

  • Inform your vet concerning some other medication your pet is taking

  • Inform the vet concerning any restorative conditions your pooch is experiencing

  • Stay away from use in nursing or pregnant creatures

Be wary when utilizing the medication for developed timeframes as unfriendly impacts are more normal with long haul use. Contact a vet immediately if your pet endures any neurotoxic impacts (e.g. loss of motion in each of the four legs brought on by fringe neuropathy).


This anti-infection is powerful against:

  • Anaerobic diseases

  • Trichomonas (parasite)

  • Giardia (not prescribed)

  • Provocative Bowel Disease (IBD)

  • Sepsis

For treating trichomonas lower measures of solution are regularly utilized.

Could Flagyl cure all contamination brought about by microorganisms?

While viable against most anaerobes, certain types of actinobacteria are impervious to the medication. In these cases you should search out an alternate arrangement.

Reactions In Dogs

Amid treatment your canine may encounter the accompanying:

More common

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Fatigue

  • Loss of appetite

  • Blood in urine

  • Fever


  • Thrombocytopenia


  • Liver damage

  • Neurotoxic effects

  • Neutropenia

  • Insomnia

Call a vet for quick exhortation if serious symptoms or an unfavorably susceptible response happens. Pay special mind to rashes, hives, swelling, trouble breathing and a fast pulse which all point to an unfavorably susceptible response. In the event that left untreated sensitivities can rapidly get to be hazardous and even life-undermining.


Mutts who get a lot of this solution, or those treated for a more drawn out timeframe, could encounter these impacts:

  • Weight reduction

  • Spewing

  • Sporadic pulse

  • Tremors

  • Seizures

  • Perplexity

  • Firmness

  • Strangely moderate pulse

  • Widened understudies

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