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Hey fellow pet lover, thanks for stopping by! There is nothing better than having a unique pet to love and take care of. What Breed Is It was designed to help pet owners figure out what breeds their pets might be! So help out below or submit your own pet for discussion. Also be sure to take our Pet Quizzes to see what kind of pet expert you are! Sign up below to be alerted when new quizzes are available and earn points on the ranking board to win monthly prizes.... and bragging rights ;-)

Guess the Breed of People Pets!

Jester Hound?

This is Jester. He is a rescue dog from Virginia. He definitely has some hound in him, but really not 100% sure which breed…

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We are always told what a beautiful cat he is, but are never sure if he is just some mixed breed domestic or might…

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Awesome Eyes Dog

I really have no clue what this dog is, but saw it and would love to find out, and maybe even get one. Seems…

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In Love Dog

All I know is whatever this dog is I want to take it home right now. I know it is part Dachshund, but not…

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This is Ben and he is supposedly a Lab/Husky mix, but to be honest I am never really sure. Many people say they say…

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